A poem for those

a poem
for those who sit
on porches,in the shade
sipping iced tea
watching children play
waiting for the sunset
to end the perfect day.

for those who spend hours
on computers and smartphones
keeping abreast with the world
this is a reminder
don’t let it pass you by
get out and live it
quit moaning and fly.

for those who demand attention
while standing in stagnate water
not knowing how to swim
or shed nonsense yet pretend
they deserve better.

for those who hold hope
locked in a chest
not understanding that the art
is to release from the heart
the ability to believe.

for those who mask life
afraid of the real world
who laugh for two seconds
then retreat and question why
they let happiness replace strife.

for those who talk to loved ones
after death takes them away
who spend restless nights
dreaming of a special way
to say I’m sorry
but it’s too late now.

for those who remember images
of years gone by
but lost track of time
who spend moments trying
to recall fun filled places
but can’t see any faces
yet hear words of wisdom.

for those who wake up
reaching for paper and pen
who fight attention spans
afraid of losing precious art
for those who can’t go back
into the locked scarred heart.

for those who took the time
to read,like and comment
I thank you,sincerely
for you are the reason
I pour my feelings out
like cement
to form a friendship.

for those



So far


I took a deep breath,

positioned my fingers on

the frets of my guitar,

began to sing

about life so far.

At first my voice

could not explain

so my heart took over

began to leak out pain.

If I could only put into words

the pain within my heart

then you would know

just how I feel

since we’ve been apart.

To say I’m like a ship adrift

upon a stormy sea

would only skim the surface of

my weary misery.

To say my life was grand

would be a lie

but I kept my balance

made a stand.

When love entered my life

rules of living got changed

but like they say

nothing good remains.

When death came calling

I took the blow

gathered up my feelings

hid them away

marched on in silence

with my daughter in tow.

When better days arrived

we smiled back and said

we miss you both very much

how much you’ll never know.

Though words will not say

what lives on in memory

life has been kind

so far.


Buckle up

the ride

The ride…

Hands loose on the wheel
I decide to let Jack drive tonight
seems he is much better than me
what I am cannot be printed here
nor do I want to say aloud
much of anything
so off we go
shouting into the night
without headlights
going to leave my troubles
my questions
my dreams
for I have more battles going on inside
than I can withstand at this time
I have spent weeks trying to hold on
to what I think is right
but it seems not everything is
what it should be
hey Jack must we go so slow
you drive like I move in life
and don’t tell me you use turn signals
so others know which way you’re going
and would you stop honking the horn
ain’t nobody home
you are so much like me Jack
you only come out at night
you take control of the mind
you mend broken hearts
if only for one night
must be why we are best friends
for you don’t tell anyone
well maybe you do
but you like me
don’t tell all the hidden pain
damn you listen so well
I just ramble on
lift you up to my lips take a sip
sit you down and you just grin
knowing I have more to say
how easy this all seems
but truth be known
Jack don’t really give a shit
for he doesn’t have a heart
a dream a past a future
or know anything about love
except what I share with him
good thing he can’t talk
well maybe he does
could it be I am his interpreter
or is he mine
sliding we go into turn one
feeling the grip of love start to let loose
pushing down hard on the pedal
to try to correct the pain
not wanting to hit the brakes
instead staring at the wall
Jack laughs very loud
says at least it would be over fast
we clear the first turn at last
picking up speed as we head for turn two
lunatic thoughts crash upon my brain
Jack asks you feeling ok
I look at him with a tear in my eye
I say hell no
I think I may be scared
but go faster I scream
no need to waste this fantasy
so we finally clear turn two
with too many tears now to hide
going down the back stretch I decide
to take Jack into my hand
lift him up once more to my mouth
this time taking a big gulp
wanting to kill myself inside
for no matter how much or how often
I say to myself all is well
I am just a step away from hell
suddenly turn three appears
looking just like love
dressed in simplicity
not only do I have spirits in me
but my spirit is lifted unbelievably
to a height not reached in years
and still tears flow
where is the end
where is the checkered flag
the one that signals you finally won
the flag that bares witness to
all your pain and releases you
rudely Jack breaks into my thoughts
acting just like me once more
a hypochondriac
says to me you fool
why do you continue to believe
in the impossible dream
I scream
you asshole it’s all I have
I grab the wheel
my heart pounding like a raging storm
full force
I show no fear now
diving into turn three
I feel love touch me on my shoulder
and whisper into my ear
I am always with you dear
I smile between tears
quickly clearing the turn
heading for the last one
turn four
where hopes vanish into the wreckage
caused by uncertainty
and too busy wiping tears
to pay attention to much of anything
how the heart screeches and groans
trying to find traction with love
as the yearning begins to take control
then Jack says you need some more of me
if you want to finish this race
I look at him in disbelief
does he really think I can’t face
then I think to myself
he may be right
where’s the flag where’s the glory
the finish line of life of love
has someone removed it from my sight
in an attempt to keep me quiet
I’ll never be silent
not as long as this heart beats